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Design your bed for comfort, form and function

Every Hypnos bed uses a generous blend of natural and sustainable fillings and an intelligent pocket spring system. Constructed in subtly different configurations, each Hypnos bed collection offers a different range of comfort and support levels. From luxuriously sumptuous beds and firmer beds that care for your back, to truly bespoke beds, we have it all. You can be safe in the knowledge that we are a multi-award winning, carbon neutral business, committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Browse the collections for inspiration and find the perfect style for you. Then customise for form and function to create a perfect match with your sleeping and waking style. We offer you options for luxury, aesthetics and practicality. Choose a divan base, a designer headboard and preferred upholstery fabric, in your favourite colour.

Hypnos cut through our beds tall
Hypnos headboard our beds tall
big fluffy bed

Over a century of fine British bed design and know-how

Choosing the perfect mattress size...

Size does matter - with more than 100 years of bed making experience, Hypnos’ philosophy focuses on the pursuit of perfection and the delivery of a deep, energising night’s sleep, helping to fulfil dreams for a healthy lifestyle. Our recommendation is always to go big!


38" x 75"

Save space with this narrower single bed, ideal for children or smaller rooms


38" x 80"

A classic single bed size for solo adult sleepers and older children


53" x 75"

Standard double bed size, offering the minimum space for couples


76" x 80"

Extended luxury for couples to spread out in peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.


72" x 84"

True decadence with our largest and most luxurious standard size.


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